Kudu Bull

"I have been involved with hunting for more than 20 years and have been guiding international clients professionally for a number of years. I look forward to introducing you to the Africa I know and love so well.

I was born and bred in the Eastern Cape and speak all the endemic languages. My wife Jenny and I run our family orientated business together. We take pride in the fact that we accommodate you, the hunter, with your party, exclusively and privately at our home base Chikwero."

Nyala - Africa's largest buck

About Wormald Hunting Adventures

- and what we can offer you.

Traditional Hospitality

You will be comfortably accommodated with all modern conveniences and treated to fine cuisine prepared in the traditional South African way. Personalised service, attention to detail and catering to individual tastes and preferences are all key to our organization. We are totally committed to making your trip happy and memorable.

Many of our guests are accompanied by their wives. Our ethos of building relationships with our clients ensures that hunter and non-hunters alike have a great safari and return time and again. We are always eager to share the experience that is South Africa - a land of rugged beauty and adventure as well as rich cultural diversity.

Customised Safaris

Most of our bookings are 10 days or longer. We usually manage 10 - 15 species in this time. During this period you will overnight in another camp for a night or two, to enable us to get some of the coastal species. A good rule of thumb is one good trophy per day, but depending on the hunter and also the species (herd animals are easier), two may be obtained in a day.

As Wormald Hunting Adventures, East Cape, South Africa we are members of the following organizations:

SA Tourism Board, IPHA, PHASA, ECGMA, SCI and Dallas Safari Club . I am also a registered SA Tourism Board tour guide and an official measurer for SCI.

The Eastern Cape as a South African Province came into being in 1994 and incorporated areas from the former Xhosa homelands of the Transkei and Ciskei, together with what was previously part of the Cape Province. Traditional home of the Xhosa people, it offers the visitor a world of diversities.The interior is the arid Karoo, with its diverse wildlife, while in contrast there is the Indian Ocean's Sunshine and Wild Coast areas.

The landscape is extremely diverse. The western interior is largely arid Karoo, while the east is well-watered and green. The Eastern Cape offers a wide array of attractions, including 800 km of untouched and pristine coastline along with some particularly splendid beaches, and "big-five" (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo) viewing in a malaria-free environment.

Five of the country's seven biomes (biogeographic regions) are represented here, supporting an unrivaled diversity of plants and animals. Three cultures - English, Afrikaner and Xhosa - first converged here, shaping South African history and providing a mosaic of lifestyles, languages and traditions.

There are National Parks, numerous game and nature reserves and vast wilderness areas where wild animals and beautiful flowers flourish in protected paradises.

With sunshine all year round, the Eastern Cape is the ideal getaway for outdoor fun and adventure.