General Information


Chikwero is situated 40 kms (25 miles) north of Cradock. which in turn is situated 260 kms (163 miles) north of Port Elizabeth. Both Cradock and Port Elizabeth lie in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Topography and Vegetation

The landscape consists mainly of vast open plains interspersed with mountains, hills and plateaus. magnificent rock outcrops are a particular feature.

In our hunting area we go from sea level to 2134m(7000ft) above, over a distance of 322kms (200 miles). The vegetation differs immensely from coastal bush through natural forest, Karoo veld and mountainous grasslands. Each of these eco systems forms the habitat of various of our antelope.


The best months for hunting are from April through to the end of September; these are our cooler winter months. Daytime temperatures are reasonably warm (up to 18oC/ 65oF), with nights being colder (sometimes as low as -4oF / 25oC), although temperatures usually remain above 0oC / 32oF.

We do sometimes get snow. Rainfall occurs only in summer and averages around 400mm (16 ins) per annum. This average has little meaning however as rainfall in successive years can be as low as 150mm (6 ins) and as high as 650mm (26ins).

Medical Facilities

Good medical facilities are available in Cradock some 30 minutes drive from the ranch. There are at least 5 private medical practitioners and a hospital. Emergency evacuation to Port Elizabeth - by helicopter or plane can be arranged at short notice for any clients that may require specialised medical attention.